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Our Philosophy

Noa Noa is known for being inspired by the modern bohemian woman with a powerful expression and vision, who won't allow herself to be dictated to by time in any shape or form.

Noa Noa miniature is an extension to exactly that. We make clothes that are easy to wear and dress up and down for the occasion. The collections present a delicate mix of nostalgia and contemporary styles, with playful contrast and many fine details. Noa Noa miniature, baby girl and baby boy has a timeless expression, with a sweet approach to silhouettes and styling – with styles that easily can be mixed and matched.

We create clothes for girls up to 12 years and boys up to 4 years. The brand consists of a full-range collection, which features the same high quality as the Noa Noa woman’s line and a focus on high CSR standards. It is very important to us that our products are manufactured in a proper and responsible way, to serve both the user as well as the environment.